Objective: To identify the formats required to select pre-reserved seats. To provide additional time-saving formats.

Pre-Reserved Seats: Seats may be reserved in advance by first pulling up a seating chart for each segment in an itinerary. The basic format is:



Here, we have requested the seating chart for segment 1. Once entered, SABRE will respond with a seating chart showing which seats are available.



Notice the in the extreme bottom of the screen. This indicates that there is another screen continuing with row 24 on this aircraft. In this case, you would enter MD to “move down” and view the next screen.

To select a seat, you must enter the row number and the seat number as follows:


Here, we have requested seat 9A (a window seat) for segment 1. The following chart shows other ways to pre-reserve seats:

Format example
Request window seats all segments
Request aisle seats all segments
Request aisle seats, segment select
Cancel Seats:
Cancel all seats all segments
Cancel seats, segment select


Other Useful Formats

Verify flight schedules from availability: To request more detailed information on flights such as flying time and miles:

Format Example
Verify from availability display, specific line
Verify from availability multiple lines
Verify from availabilty a range of lines


Verify flight schedules from an existing itinerary: Provides same detailed information:

Function Format Example
Verify entire itinerary VI*
Verify specific segment VI*3
Verify multiple segments VI*3/5
Verify a range of segments VI*3-5




Insert after segment: Using the IAS key “/” you may modify the order of your itinerary by moving and inserting segments:

Function Format Example
Insert segment 3 after segment 1 /1/3
Move segment 3 to the first segment /0/3
Insert segments 4,5,6, and 7 after segment 2 /2/4-7
Insert segments 5 and 7 after segment 2 /2/5,7


Cancel and rebook itinerary segments: Using the “X” key, it is possible to cancel part or all of an existing itinerary:

Function Format Example
Cancel entire itinerary XI
Cancel individual segment X3
Cancel multi-consecutive segments X1-5
Cancel multiple segments X1/5/7
Cancel and rebook different date in one entry X1CL007APR

Secondary pricing codes: To request fares for different passenger types and specific segments:

Code Function Example
B Purchase date WPB16JUN
S Segment select WPS1

Frequent traveler numbers:

Function Format
Enter frequent traveler number FFUA1234567
Name select when multiple names are present FFDL1234567-2.1


Optional Homework (do NOT return for correction):

**Refer to pages 2 and 3 of the reference packet for a listing of airline hubs and a map of the United States. Using an atlas or map, locate the hub cities and mark them on your map. Familiarize yourself with these hubs and KEEP these sheets for future reference.

Note: A hub is a city from where a majority a particular airline’s flights originate.

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