Objective: To introduce “segment selling” and action/status codes. This is a short lesson. Take time at this point to REVIEW all lessons up to this point.


Segment selling: Also called “long sell” and “straight sell”. Up until now, we have been talking about selling from availability. There is another, more direct, way to book an itinerary. Often times, business travelers and other frequent flyers will know exactly which flight they want. In this case, why go through the steps of calling up availability and searching for the flight you need? In another instance, a reservation may have been phoned in to the airline and you will be ticketing at the agency Here is the basic format to sell a segment:

0 airline code flight# class date city pair action/status code #of seats


Action/Status codes: In the above format, notice that you must enter an “action/status code”. There are a number of scenarios in which you may segment sell and each has its own code:


Request a flight by flight number NN


Waitlist a flight by flight number LL

Enter a flight already booked on phone with airline BK


Other status codes (supplied as a response from SABRE):


HK holding confirmed
PN pending need
HL have waitlisted
KK confirming
KL confirmed from waitlist
UC unable to confirm (flight or class not available)

Once a request has been made to SABRE, you will receive a response from SABRE using any of the above codes to inform you of the status of your reservation.

Homework: Complete the homework for lesson 6.

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