Objective: To identify the basic formats for pricing an itinerary, find the lowest applicable fare for a given itinerary, and search for lowest price on similar itineraries. Finally, you will identify how to store the fare that has been quoted.

Itinerary pricing: Once you have sold seats and have an itinerary on your screen, you may use the following format:

pronounced WILL YOU PRICE

WP stands for “will price”. Once the WP format is entered, SABRE will respond with a standard screen that shows the base fare, taxes, and “fare calculation line.
Note: each time you enter a format, the symbol ?? will appear on your screen: (please zoom your screen to 150 % for better viewing)

XF facility tax imposed by some airports
ZP segment tax
US federal excise tax imposed by US government
ADT adult fare (child fares are generally not available)
TTL total fare, including tax, for all passengers in the PNR

BWI DL ATL770.23Y18 BWI to ATL on DL fare for this portion: $770.23 based on Y18

US BWI DL770.23Y18 back to BWI on DL for $770.23 based on Y18
1540.46 END total base fare
ZPBWIATL Breakdown of segment taxes
XFBWI4.50ATL4.50 Breakdown of facility taxes

Note: We always begin by selling Y seats from availability. Remember that Y stands for fully refundable (expensive) coach. Once we have an itinerary booked in Y class, it is possible to ask SABRE to rebook in another, less expensive class. When this format is entered, SABRE automatically searches for and changes the booking class to the cheapest available booking class for your itinerary.

Low fare itinerary pricing:
Once you have sold seats and have an itinerary on your screen, you may request the least expensive booking class available by using the following format:

pronounced “will you price a new class”

WPNCB stands for “will price new class/book”. It is possible to use the format:WPNC which will price a new, less expensive booking class. It will not, however, switch the booking from Y and re-book in the new booking class. You must use WPNCB in order to PRICE AND BOOK.


Notice that Mr. Werner is now booked in V class. This has reduced his fare to $278.92.

Please open Lesson 5a for BARGAIN FINDER.

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