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Since 1972, Roeder Travel , Ltd. has earned its position as Maryland's prime source of travel management. The Maryland School of Travel has been educating students for
over three decades, successfully placing thousands of graduates in salaried and independent travel positions. The Correspondence Division enables us to provide the same quality service and education worldwide.

Course Description
The curriculum is presented in two sections. Section one is an Internet tutorial
presenting a comprehensive study of SABRE. Section two is printed material
explaining the procedures required to book tour packages and cruises. Up-to-date brochures are provided. Homework is assigned for each section followed by a comprehensive final exam..

Curriculum Requirements
Students must complete all lessons and assigned homework. Homework must be
mailed or faxed to the Maryland School of Travel. Upon completion of the two sections, a final exam will be given. The final exam must be completed and mailed or faxed to the Maryland School of Travel. Homework and the final exam will be corrected and returned.

Progress Reports
Progress reports are kept on each student and current standings may be requested at any time.

Completion Requirements
Students must successfully complete curriculum requirements within one year of receipt
of materials and obtain a passing grade on the final exam.

Entrance Requirements
Applicants must have the ability to pay the tuition in full. Payment plans are not available at this time. Access to a computer is required for use of the instructional disk.


Instructional Staff
Mimi Roeder Vaughan
President and Dean of Faculty
Barbara Knopp
Assistant Dean of Faculty
Lynn Alonso
Dean of Students

Enrollment Dates/Calendar
The Correspondence Division has an open enrollment policy. Students may enroll at any time. All work must be completed and received by The Maryland School of Travel no later than one year after receipt of materials, as outlined under completion requirements.

Grading Standards
Progress Reports
Progress reports are kept on each student and grades may be obtained from the instructor upon request. Grade reports are rendered at completion of each term, except when a student is failing. The school will counsel a failing student and take necessary action.

Above Average

Failing Students
Students who fail to maintain a passing grade may repeat a phase of training at no additional charge. Failing students may be placed on probation over a 14 day period and if their grades do not improve at the end of the probationary period, they will be dismissed from school.

Student Conduct Policy

Students are required to comply with all school regulations as outlined during orientation. Students are required to act in a manner that will reflect credit on themselves, the school, and the industry. Failure to adhere to and observe school regulations and policy will result in probation or immediate dismissal.

After graduation students will receive a certification of graduation, approved by the State Board of Higher Education. In addition, the Maryland School of Travel offers job placement assistance.

Completion Requirements

Complete Curriculum Requirements
Pass Exams
Meet Attendance Requirements
Meet Financial Requirements

Refund Policy

If the Institution closes, cancels, or discontinues a program, students will receive a full refund. Students must submit a dated, written request for a refund if they choose to terminate enrollment. Refund of the deposit will only be given within 7 days after signing the enrollment agreement. If a student begins class within the 7 day cancellation period the refund policy will be as follows:

Course(s) Taken Refund Given
1 Class
2 Classes
3 Classes
4 Classes
5 Classes
No Refund

Course Outline

Travel Agent Training Entry Level Program
Course Length 36 hours

Objective: To learn the basics in the travel business and the use of the SABRE computer system.

1. Booking and writing airline tickets, train tickets, cruises, charters, tour hotels and car rentals 12 hours

2. Computer instruction 24 hours

Optional: 100 hours on the computer

Enrollment Limitations

Night Class 30 students 10/1 student/teacher ratio
Day Class 20 students 10/1 student/teacher ratio

Attendance Policy

Student are excused for:
Personal illness
Death of an immediate member of the family
Required appearance in court
Reasons approved by the school director

Unexcused absences exceeding one class per term will be cause for interruption of training and possible dismissal. Each student who misses a class must make it up before the ten week session is over. All academic work required of the student must be satisfactorily completed during the term. Each student must attend 90% of the classes. Tardiness is not permitted.

A leave of absence may be granted because of illness or serious established need. This must be done in writing. A student may enter next session at the same point of advancement with with an additional fee of $250.


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